Make lemons and marmalades because.

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Happiest day of my life, really.

“Anything is possible if you’re patient and you beg hard enough on national television. ”

Just keep swimming and wait for 2015.


Post-it notes are recycable

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less fat, less air!

less fat, less air!

I’ve been working for a couple of months now and I always get to pass by this place on the way of my chosen transportation. It’s located between two malls flooding with people from south to north and back. I never really given it much attention. I always thought it was just some regular gelato place with well designed interiors. Boy, was I proven wrong. I decided to give their gelato a try and voila! I’m now a fan of their artisinal gelato.Theirs is by far the most delicious I’ve encountered out of all the hundreds out there. It’s not too sweet nor too flavorful, just the right amount of everything with a belgian waffle to boot.

Do try their Cereal and Milk, Pistachio and *drumroll* Speculoos. Yes, that’s right. You can now get a cupful of cookie butter without the hassle of ordering online or scouting food places just to have one. It’s a very good substitute 🙂

Do like them on Facebook here or follow them at Instagram: Bonogelato.

Cheetos are fun, don’t you think?

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The 5 people you meet in heaven. Nah. It’s the 5 people you fall in love with. Thank you Thought Catalog. 

Rest the waffle over a cup of coffee

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I’ve never been one to use PMS as an excuse to justify a bad mood or a behaviour  I always thought it’s just a reason women use to get away with something. I always felt that no matter how bad our system is functioning, women can do something about it. Mind over matter.


There are days when PMS wins the battle, if there is any. Last night, I experienced its wrath in the middle of a quiet food lot somewhere North. Lately I have not been feeling well and it’s mostly because of work and my uncooperative stomach. I’m doing the mind-over-matter thinking but it doesn’t seem to work any more  My mind lost its power over matter. My partner and I went to this food joint that doesn’t exactly serve bad food, but because I was not in such a blissful mood, I had the food wrapped and went out for to look for something (anything) that would much better suit my taste. After exploring the place and a dessert parlor for what seemed like an hour, I still didn’t find anything. Yes, I didn’t find anything and next thing I knew, I was crying somewhere between a yogurt and Italian restaurant. I was lost. Even the Ben and Jerry’s offer from my partner failed to no avail.

So now, I’ve pretty much summed up that PMS + Hunger is not a good combination. Add to the equation the fact that my health has been failing me recently.

To PMS, I’m so sorry I underestimated and doubted your existence. You are much too powerful and at times, bossy and domineering. I concede.

And to my partner, thank you for comforting and hugging me while I was bawling like a 5 year-old on fake grass and cement. Thank you because you didn’t find my tantrum pointless (even if it is). Thank you for your patience and may we have lots of Chilled Taho to share in the future.

Almost Paradise.

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Hi world. You’re raining on us again.
Yesterday I had a hard time going to/from work because rain is pouring non stop. I opted to be late just so I could avoid the people traffic but to no avail. Everyone was late. Eveyone.

I don’t know what to write about but it seems like my fingers miss dancing above this keyboard. I read some of my posts here and it dawned on me just how much I’ve changed (because I’ve gotten older). Some (or most) of my entries are bland, boring and serious. It’s okay though. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m no longer a teen ages and eons ago.

The other day my partner and I were talking about growing old gracefully and naturally. I told him my fascination about un-botoxed 50-year-old me. I was never really a fan of women who try to look like 20 when they’re indeed 40. I hope in the future I don’t turn into one because let’s face it, we sometimes become what we try to avoid. I just want to be a happy and healthy lola when the time comes. 🙂

See, how boring I’ve gotten? I’m still in my 20s and I’m yapping about my hair turning grey.

Oh, world.
The things you make me think about.

The future is the past waiting to happen

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The future is the past waiting to happen

Not exactly a view but it will do. My little work spot in the office. Reading and eating: two of my favorite things.

Santa, can you hear me?

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I’ve been out of the loop lately because first, it’s December and second, I’m running a few errands here and there for stuff that I will be needing next year.

I guess since 2013 is coming it’s time for a mandatory recap of the year or a list of resolutions post. I’m doing neither because I’m lazy like that.

I’m wishing everyone a healthy and wealthy 2013 and I’m hoping that you all had a happy Christmas. I don’t know about you but 2012 has been a peaceful and kind year to me. There’s really nothing more to ask for. God has been more than kind to me and my family and to everyone in my universe, I believe.

Spread the love and the food as I always say. 🙂
Happy holidays and cheers to new beginnings!